Southwest Vintage Camper Association's 1st Annual

This was our first event in Colorado, held at the historic Indian Springs Resort in Idaho Springs.  admittedly the campground was a bit on the primitive side, but that didn't stop everyone from having a great time.  Once again we could not have asked for better weather.  This was our smallest rally of the year attendance wise, but that made for a more social group of great people!  Not pictured (I was too busy serving food) was a very popular event at this rally, the Chuckwagon Cookout...delicious BBQ and fixins catered by a local restaurant.  Most folks attending thought that it was a nice change from the usual potluck dinners, so we will plan on doing the cookout again next year.

Indian Springs Resort, Built in 1869

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Watch our events page for the 2nd Annual Colorado Classic Campout!  June 19-21, 2009 in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Bigger, better location, come join us!


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