This was our fifth annual Trailer Trash Bash and it was a blast as always.  Our biggest rally of the year so we squeezed over 50 campers into about 27 spaces, so everybody got a little cozy.  We Started the party weekend off with out usual Friday night movie under the in style.  This year we featured an Elvis double feature with Speedway and Spinout!
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What a great collection of vintage campers...everything from the usual canned hams, Airstreams & other streamliners, teardrops, a vintage bus conversion, a couple of vintage popups, and one old motorhome.  Many of the trailers were pulled by vintage cars of the era from all over the Southwest..
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Of course, the Trailer Trash Bash is famous for it's Saturday night party along with the Queen contest.  Competition was tough between the beautiful ladies, but congratulations to the new 2008 Queen Doreen ,AKA Wal Martha.  2007 Queen Sheila (Paris Shasta) served her term proudly but was pleased to pass the crown.  The potluck dinner had more than enough for everybody to eat more than they should.  Later in the evening the rain started to softly fall, so everybody gathered under the tent by the firedancers for a great wrap up.  Sunday morning was finished with our usual Pancake breakfast before sending everyone on their way.
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A special thanks to everybody that worked hard making this rally a continued success.  Don't miss the 6th Annual Trailer Trash Bash, August 14-26 the events page for more details!


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