The fourth annual Trailer Trash Bash was another great event, with close to 50 vintage campers enjoying the New Mexico mountains and some great weather.  We had many more trailers than we had spaces, but everyone cooperated as we doubled up most spaces and parked others wherever we could squeeze them in.  Overall, I think it provided us with a very fun atmosphere.  We started out Friday night with our "Drive In Movie", this year we showed a segment of "Cars on Route 66", a document featuring the Southwest Vintage Camper Association (available from Netflix).  We followed that with our feature film, "Wild Hogs", which was filmed in the area and was very much enjoyed by everybody.  Saturday was the usual open house, where everybody got a chance to show off their campers and collections, as well as check out all the others.  Many folks brought along some swap meet items, so there was quite a bit of buying, selling & trading of cool stuff.  The highlight of the weekend as usual was the party Saturday night.  Not only did we have enough good food to feed twice as many people, the Queen contest was great as usual.  Several lovely ladies tried out, but the eventual winner was Shelia Howard, AKA "Paris Shasta".  Thanks to all the ladies, they all looked great!  Sunday morning was the pancake breakfast and the goodbyes.  A special THANKS to Deborah, Bradley and the rest of the crew at the Turquoise Trail Campground for supporting us and letting us take over the place for the weekend, as well as thanks to all that put in much time and effort in putting on this event.  No way can I write details about everything that went on, but pictures say more than words so are more than 160 pictures!

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